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" เรียนถามอาจารย์สรชัย อีกรอบ ครับ "
อาจารย์ครับ โรค pneumonia จัดว่าเป็น โรคที่มี diffusu=ion ลำบาก หรือว่าเป็นโรคที่มี V/Q mismatch ครับอาจารย์
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Please think about the Pathology

At the first stage of pneumonia: Congestion
Vascular congestion and alveolar edema occur first. This could impair the gas diffusion. However, this stage is short. It continues to next step after 24 hours.

The later steps [red/grey hepatization] cause the alveolar space to contain with exudate [pus] and presence of many kinds of inflammatory cells and injured cells. All these stuffs occupy the alveolar space and the air cannot get in. The uneven distribution of ventilation and perfusion then occurs. Because these stages continue longer and causes the patients to develop severe symtoms, we consider the mismatch of alveolar ventilation and perfusion is the important cause of hypoxemia for pneumonia. Moreover, the intrapulmonary blood shunting also occurs to shift the blood away from poorly ventilated airway/alveoli toward better ventilated ones.

The above explanation applies for lobar and bronchopneumonia.

For Interstitial pneumonia, it's different because the inflammation predominantly occurs at alveolar septal wall. The important cause of hypoxemia will be, therefore, the impairment of diffusion. If it's getting worse, this can lead to bronchopneumonia or lobar pneumonia.

So the pathology depends on the type of infection [bacteria, viral, mycoplasma, etc], patient's immunity, age, community or hospital-acquired type, etc.
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